We are available to help churches seeking ministers of music, working through staff transitions, combining worship services, or inquiring about ideas and resources for ministry. Please call our office if you would like to speak with one of our consultants at 1-800-746-4422, ext. 265 or 770-936-5265.

One-To-One Worship Team Training

Does your church have a worship band? Is your worship “blended,” “multi-generational,” or “more contemporary” in expression? If your instrumentation is band-driven then you have likely discovered that training is a challenge. It’s nearly impossible to get your team to a training event. In addition, the events are in pristine environments with the best sound and media. What if you could have a training event just for your people in your church?

Worship and Music Ministries now has teams that will come to your church and organize a training retreat, working “one-to-one” with your players and singers. The One-to-One worship training team will work with you to schedule on-site training for the following: worship leader, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, drums, bass guitar, keyboard, vocal team, and sound.

Each retreat has a session on biblical foundations of worship. The team will then work on “your music,” providing coaching on playing technique, what to play, and when to play. Themes on worship flow, “the wall of sound,” roles of each participant, and many other topics are covered based on your need! One session covers how to conduct a time saving sound check! Pre- and post-evaluation sessions for your worship leader are also provided.

Contact Nick Duke in the Worship and Music Ministry office for more information.

Worship Renewal Conference

The Worship Renewal Conference is led by Dr. Jon Duncan, State Missionary and Specialist in the Worship and Music Ministry office of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. The conference can be held in local church settings as well as in Georgia Baptist Associations. Jon has conducted this event in churches, colleges, seminaries, and other settings throughout Georgia and across the country. The primary purpose of the conference is to strengthen churches in biblical worship. Stylistic considerations are explored as well as trends and issues that impact worship practice. Schedule a conference with either Jon Duncan or Dana Bailey. The conference contents include:

  • Worship: A Biblical Understanding
  • Theological Considerations: A Christocentric Approach to Worship
  • Dealing with Change
  • Revitalizing Worship
  • Trends that Impact Today’s Worship


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Music Lending Library

The Worship and Music Ministry office offers more than 1,200 choral anthem titles to Georgia Baptist Churches to borrow for up to three months, or 90 days (lending period may be adjusted by Worship and Music Ministry staff). There is no annual or membership fee, however churches pay $2 per piece of un-returned music and all postage charges for receiving and shipping selections. Visit the Music Lending Library in Duluth to view selections; up to eight titles may be reserved at one time. Reserve your time in the library by calling 1-800-746-4422, or send an email to

. The Worship and Music Ministry office is unable to send out preview packets or samples of anthems.